Grobbelaar reveals war horrors and how he was forced to kill

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Grobbelaar reveals war horrors and how he was forced to kill

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Liverpool's legendary goalkeeper,sbobet248 Bruce Grobbelaar, has confessed that football saved him after he was forced to kill soldiers while serving in the army.Grobbelaar, sbobet24 who is now 60 years old, fought in the Rhodesian Bush War in the 1970s and the former footballer still has nightmares when he remembers his past experiences.The dramatic story of Grobbelaar, who was born in Durban, South Africa in 1957, began when he was drafted into the military for a period that was supposed to be 11 months but then became two years.Once recruited, he was sent immediately to the Bush War, an uprising against the white government in the British colony of Rhodesia, a country that would later become Zimbabwe in 1980.The former shot-stopper reveals he worked as an enemy tracker and saw three friends die during the war. sbobet24

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