Using fine decorative paper for end pages

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Using fine decorative paper for end pages

Postautor: JensenBreck » 06 lis 2017, 13:55


I am hard case binding some books and I plan on using a fine decorative paper for the end pages. This one is made in Nepal, it's not one of the marbled papers. After reading a little, it seems it's best to use a heavier weight paper for your end pages.

My question is has anyone ever used decorative paper for their end pages? And if so did you use any special techniques to bolster the weight and strength of the paper? I'm thinking about gluing it to another sheet of paper to increase its strength (maybe using rice paste or methyl cellulose).

I'd be happy to hear anyone's thoughts and suggestions. Maybe I'm overthinking it and the paper will stand alone fine on its own.

For more details: animated infographics

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