Postpartum hair loss: effective causes and recipes to fight it!

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Postpartum hair loss: effective causes and recipes to fight it!

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Postpartum hair loss: effective causes and recipes to fight it!
While hair may become remarkably thick and soft during pregnancy, the postpartum period is another story, as hair may begin to fall heavily. So what happens? And how do you treat it if it happens with you?
Postpartum hair loss: effective causes and recipes to fight it!
In the following article, we will look at the mother's loss of her postpartum and postpartum hair:
Is postpartum hair loss normal?
Yes, usually the mother begins to lose large amounts of her hair after birthbetween 2-4 months, and may continue to fall until the twenty-fourth week after birth, but it rarely lasts beyond the 15th month after birth.
This condition is usually called postnatal haemorrhage (Telogen effluvium - Postpartum alopecia), which involves hair loss in particular from the front of the head.
What causes hair loss after birth?
Poetry passes through his life in two stages:
Stage 1: The growth stage, which includes about 90% of the head hair, as this hair continues to grow non-stop.
Stage 2: The hair loss stage, which includes about 10% of the head hair, where the hair is here at a resting stage that makes it ready to fall at any moment.
Each person loses nearly 100 hairs per day, which is the normal limit, but during pregnancy, the hair growth stage is longer, the number of hairs growing, and the number of hairs in the resting period, under the influence of high levels of hormone Estrogen.
Natural hair loss is significantly reduced during pregnancy , making hair appear more intense and vibrant than ever before.
But after birth, estrogen levels return to normal, causing large amounts of follicles to enter the resting phase and thus fall down together and in large amounts after birth.

Hair loss is usually temporary, and hair regrowth naturally after 6-12 months of birth.
Natural methods and recipes to prevent hair loss and support its growth
There are many natural recipes and methods that may help your hair grow and stop falling:
1. Check your vitamin and mineral levels and any deficiency
Other than low estrogen levels, hair loss may be caused by a lack of certain nutrients, such as zinc , iron, niacin, fatty acids, or vitamin D.
Here we recommend the following:
Take appropriate dietary supplements to treat any deficiency under your doctor's supervision.
Eat foods rich in vitamin C, group B vitamins, iron and zinc, such as peas, legumes, oranges, leafy vegetables, yeast, whole grains and nuts.
2. Use egg whites
Only a little egg white with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil may be enough to help strengthen your hair, just put this catcher on the hair for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water and enjoy the results.
3 - Use the fruit of Indian hope
It is known that the oil of Amala wonderful benefits of hair, and it is possible to use Amla oil and massage scalp.
You can make the oil yourself by boiling the Indian grapefruit in almond oil or coconut oil until the oil becomes dark and then let it cool down before massaging the scalp.
4. Eat dried fruits and flax seeds
Including flaxseeds and dried fruits in your diet will regularly help you improve your hair health and increase your growth, especially as these foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
5. Use biotin supplements
Biotin, or so-called vitamin H, helps strengthen hair protein (keratin), which causes weakness, dysfunction and fractures in hair.
The use of biotin-fortified shampoo or supplementation with complex B vitamins with biotin supplementation may significantly help to reduce hair loss.
6. Massage the scalp continuously
The increase in blood flow to the scalp helps strengthen the hair and strengthen its growth, so all you need is 5-10 minutes daily scalp massage with coconut oil , almonds or any other oil you prefer.
If you want the best results, massage the scalp in particular rosemary oil.
7. Use these natural ingredients regularly
Apart from the above, there are a range of natural ingredients, herbs and oils effective in the treatment of hair loss problems, including:
Castor oil: Try to massage your scalp regularly with warm castor oil with coconut oil or almond oil.
Aloefera: Only massage your scalp with olefira three times a week, and leave it on the hair 30 minutes before the bath.
Additional tips
According to doctors and skin experts in the United States, these are some recommendations that will help you prevent hair loss and appearance thick:
Use a shampoo that shows more intense hair, and here we mean the types that contain proteins that surround the pulp of the hair to provide protection and a healthy appearance.
Use a laxative designed for light hair, just place it on the ends of the hair and completely avoid placing it on the scalp.
Avoid using shampoo that contains balsam.
Try shortening your hair or getting a gradient story giving it intensity.
Use a wide strip of teeth.
Stay away from thermal styling tools.
Avoid hot water completely and avoid tying hair and loosening hair tightly.


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